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About "Organ Freak" :

Scott Hawthorn is a jazz organ player living on Bainbridge island,  near Seattle.  Classically trained as a kid,  he has spent the last 30 years studying and writing down jazz organ music.  He teaches occasionally, and gigs even less occasionally, prefering to stay home to practice writing in the third person.  He was fortunate enough to receive some instruction from Jack McDuff, Richard "Groove" Holmes, and even a bit from the inventor of modern jazz organ, Jimmy Smith.  Scott's area of expertise and teaching emphasis  is organ bass.  He plays a  C-3 built on December 11, 1956, using a 1962 A-100 generator,  with a Leslie 122 and a souped-up Leslie 31H.

And now, Presenting: some NOT jazz this time....

Dan Bonow's Smoke and Mirrors

Recorded in Cakewalk using virtual B4 and Dx7s.

Streaming Real Audio (TM)

HIGH SPEED CONNECTIONS A nice stereo mix for you speedsters:


DIALUP CONNECTIONS The usual crappy mono file:


These sound clips are posted solely for educational and entertainment purposes. Not to be copied, reproduced, or sold. OK? OK.

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And now, without too much more further ado, here they are:

˜ Rare Jazz Organ Clips! ˜
*New* as of November '00

Grab your pipe and slippers, sit back, and click on the radio.... arrowYes, here!

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