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Shocking Photos of Organ Freak!

Scott sits in with TJ and the Smokers

Scott sits in with TJ and the Smokers at Island Center Hall, Bainbridge Island, Warshington.  B3 property of Ron Weinstein

LaBamba (my C3 having a nice nap)  La Bamba at home, having a little nap with phone, hairbrush, ashtray
                                                                                     and rare Jack McDuff album, "Hallelujah Time"

Clockwork Organ Trio
"Clockwork" Organ Trio: Tom Svornich- drums, Organ Freak on a very bad hair day, and Harry Holbert- guitar, c. 1994

1980? with BC that "went all the way down", and 251

Rehearsing with Robin Kutz, 1990
                                         Rehearsal with Robin Kutz, 1990.  The DX-7 is history, along with the salmon-colored woodwork.

Are You Cereus?
                                                                               Relaxing @ home with my partner and lifetime companion, "Betty"

Proof of Graduation
Proof of Graduation


Scott studying to be a jazz organ player
                                                                    14 y.o. studying hard, hoping to become a jazz organ player someday

That's all, folks!