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Yet Even Newer Jazz Organ Clips-- Still loading, thnx!

Welcome, organ hipsters!  These sound clips are new as of November 2000. They are entire songs this time! You're welcome. It's the stupendous Richard "Groove" Holmes, with Jack McDuff's long-time drummer, Joe Dukes, who sho'-nuff knows how to play with an organ! Drummers definitely want to hear this too.  The recordings are from private tapes made in Seattle by yours truly, in 1982. These files are placed here solely for the personal instruction of visitors to this site, and are not to be used in any other context whatsoever,  without exception. This means that you may NOT put these files on your own website without my express permission.  Violaters will rue the day they were born.  None of this material is available on any phonograph record or CD.

Groove's B3, which he hauled around with him on the road, had a wah-wah pedal hooked-up to the top manual and a crumbling Nova Bass unit (a string bass emulator) on the lower manual, which was then run through an MXR envelope follower device, all of which was only turned on for funk tunes.  The lower manual bass tones were increased slightly in output via the pickup rods, and the whole mess went through a fake Leslie simulator and then to a bank of Acoustic amplifiers, NO Leslie.  Great sounding rig; you could clear the bar with it with one hand.

These Real Audio™ files are 20.7 kbs, meaning that you should be able to hear them OK with only a 28.8 modem. Be sure your Real Player is set to buffer for a few seconds, under Options/ Preferences/ Connection. I have had to discontimue the offer of downloadable versions, because I don't want to find these files on other sites without prior permission.

If you happen to need a player, download a free one right here, right now:              RA Homepage

The numbers in parantheses have to do with the version numbers originally recorded. In the case of "Groove's Groove," both versions are offered for comparison. The guitar solos, though weak in volume, are included because Groove's comping and bass-playing is worth listening to.
Moose the Mooche (#2) "Rhythm changes" by Charlie Parker. Begins with Groove's comment about his dinner, you gotta hear this! This thing swings like a mother. Notice how he turns on the vibrato right on the break leading into the solo. Outrageous comping under the guitar.
Groove's Groove (#1) Groove's name for any version of his medium blues in 'F.' The grunting bassline is interesting. This one features a synth solo. At 5 minutes in, Groove begins a priceless monologue: Slim Gaillard, famous for his nonsense-jive songs like "Flat-Foot Floogie" and "Cement Mixer, Putty Putty," is in the audience, and he gets a taste of his own silly medicine. Grab your volume control-- Groove is bellowing.
Groove's Groove (#2) Same idea, different night, different bassline. You can hear the Nova Bass trying to creep in; it's on a pot and was not all the way off. You can also hear Groove singing along with his own bassline near the beginning of the tune. Interesting commentary once again by Groove, this time about being "blocked out of a lot of clubs." Prolonged applause is included for historical purposes.
Groovin' Groove (#2) Otherwise known as "Living Soul", with a slightly different head figure, whatever you call it, it's Groove's generic fast Bb blues. The interplay between Groove and Joe Dukes is amazing. This cut has a few short gaps in it; I had no sound check. Check out what happens at 3:46! (Hint- something with the feet.)
Mr. Magic (#1) Funk-O-Matic! This version freshens up one you thought you were tired of.
Indiana A standard by which jazz organ virtuosos are judged. Dukes keep rushing it but that doesn't phase Groove at all. Faster and faster....
Misty Kinda like the record, only with a more sophisticated bassline.
Stella by Starlight (#2) They started playing before I had time to hit 'record.' Faster than Indiana!!! Holy FS!! Pedal tricks. Head-spinning (and long) drum solo.
Just Friends This one, though long, is included so you can hear Groove really do his famous "Groove Tempo." I call it a medium-grind, and no one else does it like this. The head rocks slow but hard. During each solo, they double-time, then go back to the medium speed each time. Faded out before the end to save server space.
Groove speaks on a few
Included for historical purposes.


All "Scott the Organ Freak" pages were designed entirely by me, Scott Hawthorn, and all content and design is copyrighted, All Rights Reserved. This has nothing to do with Napster-type issues; it has everything to do with promises made by me to Groove Holmes. Please respect him and me by going along with his wishes. Thanks!

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