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Scott the Organ Freak
~Some stuff for you~

These are fragments of tunes previously-posted here, recorded in Raleigh, NC, with Scott Sawyer on guitar and Bobby Johnson on drums. They are in low-quality MP3 format. You can hear the organ and guitar just fine, but the drums suffer from the low-bandwidth files, which are not large. The material has been edited down to just a few interesting bits so one doesn't have to sit through a lot of junky stuff (the bulk of my performance!).

The focus here is on organ bass and comping. A good jazz organist must also be a good accompanist. These clips illustrate clearly many of the concepts mentioned in my bass tutorial, for instance, grace-notes in the left hand, and pedal-doubling. If you want to hear great soloing, buy a CD from one of the master players! And thank you for listening to my clips.

Funk - 8 Counts for Rita
   The old favorite from The Hamtech List, one more time. Flap your chicken wings.

Groove-grindin' - Save Your Love For Me
   Played in the style of Richard 'Groove' Holmes,' even the bass line.

Jack McDuff's rocker, Walkin' the Dog
   Soloing in the manner of 'Duff over a steady riff in 'C.'

Swingin' - a portion of soloing then backup on the standard, Old Folks
   Lots of hippopotamatic pedal-doubling and blues stuff over nice changes.

Ballad - Blue in Green
   Nice bass, chord voicings

Way up tempo - Jeanine
   Jeanine, the girl who put the "funk" in dysfunctional. This bit illustrates Groove Holmes' stunning approach.
   Very difficult just to maintain the bass at tempo - it's in Ab minor!

Added from studio date - Frame For The Blues  (Real Audio® streaming)

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